Extra Large Hiddensee Hammer



This is a full size replica of one of the pendants from the Hiddensee hoard that was found in 1873. These massive pendants were originally cast in gold, date from the 10th century, and may have belonged to the Danish Royalty of the time.

The design itself is a mix of a pagan Thor’s hammer and a Christian cross, reflecting the mix of the two cultures.

Full size replicas have been made before for museum displays, notably for the Canadian Museum of History, and the local museum in Hiddensee, but this is the first full size replica to be available for general sale.

It measures 70mm X 70mm and weighs approx. 80g.

Supplied with a length of black, waxed cord so that it is ready to wear.



Here at Asgard we have one passion: Vikings!

We've spent thousands of hours over the last twenty years studying Viking period artefacts. We've honed our experimental archaeology skills to work out how things were made 1000 years ago, and applied that to the replica Viking items we hand make in Scotland.