925 Sterling Silver Jorvik Bead



 A dragon wraps itself around this bead. While this design is based on a Viking find in York, England, our headcraftsman Jim has had to use his knowledge of Viking style to complete the knotwork on this piece as the original has lost most of its detail.

Cast in 925 sterling silver , this bead has a hole size of 6mm and is perfect for beards, hair or fabric. It also fits on our ABLET014 leather bracelet with Sterling silver fittings.

This item is sold individually and is delivered in our eco-friendly packaging.

Hand finished in Scotland.

This item is made to order so please allow 28 days for delivery.



Here at Asgard we have one passion: Vikings!

We've spent thousands of hours over the last twenty years studying Viking period artefacts. We've honed our experimental archaeology skills to work out how things were made 1000 years ago, and applied that to the replica Viking items we hand make in Scotland.