Galloway Hoard Convex Stamped Cuff Bracelet



This pewter convex stamped bracelet is based on one made of silver, that was found in a hoard of Viking treasure in Galloway, Scotland in 2014. The hoard has been dated to around 900 AD. Bracelets such as this had a dual purpose as personal decoration, and a convenient way of carrying wealth, as silver was used as currency in everyday transactions in the Viking age.

Weight 87g
Internal Length/Gap 16cm/4cm

This bracelet should be carefully sized to fit so that it can be taken on and off. Over bending should be avoided as this may cause metal fatigue.

To maintain shine, polish with a soft, dry cloth.



Here at Asgard we have one passion: Vikings!

We've spent thousands of hours over the last twenty years studying Viking period artefacts. We've honed our experimental archaeology skills to work out how things were made 1000 years ago, and applied that to the replica Viking items we hand make in Scotland.